What Our Parents Have to Say

"My wife and I are so pleased with Riverview Montessori VPK Program. Thank you for having our son. He comes home so excited, singing the songs he learned and sharing the artwork from the various countries he's learned about, and talking about the wonderful friends he's made. The other day he learned about Australia. He showed me his boomerang, told me that the Aborigines use the boomerang, and then asked if we could get a real one.

My wife and I feel all the staff enjoy their time and experiences with all the kids. They are very willing to communicate with me as a parent on a daily basis, and I cannot imagine a better VPK summer program and school for our son! Riverview Montessori School is such a wonderful place! I leave every day feeling good about the program and am looking forward to an exciting, rewarding school year.

It’s been said, “A teacher affects eternity; you can never tell where their influences stops.”

Please keep up the good work and thank you again for helping our son get the great start he needs to begin positively touching the world.

Erl Davis, Jr. Author of the book Ready, Set, Win and Proud Parent
Riverview, FL 


"Like most first-time parents, my husband and I worried about and struggled with the thought of sending our daughter off to school. We worried about whether or not her school would provide the same nurturing environment that my husband and I had worked so hard to provide for her those first few years of her life. We found Brandon Montessori. We knew, the moment we that walked in and were greeted by the warm and friendly faces of the teachers, that we had found the perfect place for Cassandra."

"Our daughter was painfully shy. Because she was always so "attached" to us, we were able to spend a large amount of quality time reading, writing, and exploring new things to learn about our world. When she began at Brandon Montessori, it was as if they had known our daughter for years. They were patient and loving with her, and played a major role in grooming our daugther to be the brave little go-getter that she is today. As for her reading, writing, and exploring, Brandon Montessori took Cassandra from the level we brought her to at home and allowed her to excel beyond what we thought capable at her age. By the time she went to Kindergarten, Cassandra was reading at first grade level and, therefore, found the transition to elementary school to be seamless."

"When it came time to enroll our second child in preschool, we did not hesitate to enroll him at Brandon Montesorri. As expected, Brandon Montessori has given our second child the same loving, nurturing, and educational experience that they provided for our Cassandra. We LOVE Brandon Montessori and will continue recommending their wonderful school to all of our friends and family members!"

"Thank You For All That You Do Brandon Montessori!!!"

Scott and Denise Graf
Brandon, FL


"The Brandon Montessori staff have progressed our son, Drew, beyond what we expected by continually challenging him on an individual and customized basis. At the same time Drew has made some very special friends and developed well socially. We have found the staff communication to be welcoming as we've worked through common growth issues and successfully resolved them. We can't wait to get our second son into BMS."

The Kozlin Family 
Riverhills, Valrico


“Mrs. Rustogi was an incredible asset at our school. As a child psychologist and a parent, I have observed children and teachers in countless preschools, including many Montessori settings. I can surely say that Mrs. Rustogi is one of the most effective preschool teachers I have seen."

Valarie A. Kager 


"My son had been previously enrolled in two different Montessori schools in Jacksonville, Florida but since his arrival last November to The Brandon Montessori School, it truly felt like home. The staff at the school has been so welcoming and supportive and so very encouraging towards both of us."

"My son was diagnosed with a learning disability since the age of two and has experienced many difficulties in various school settings but since his arrival to The Brandon Montessori School he has flourished. Instead of constant negative feedback, we learn of my son’s positive attributes and we are discovering his hidden talents that make him unique. This has helped his self-esteem tremendously. I understand that one must hear the good with the bad but previously all we ever heard was the bad. This has been the first school that has taken the time to find out what makes my son special and I am so very thankful."

Ava Lake 
Brandon, FL


"Since March 2007, my 4-1/2 year old son has been enrolled in Brandon Montessori, providing him with his first exposure to a pre-school and group setting. At the time, our family had just relocated from Chicago, Illinois. From the first day (of course, amidst of tears and struggles), Matthew adjusted beautifully to this environment. The transition can be difficult at best, but what he experienced from that first day was a nurturing and caring environment where he felt safe to explore and discover a world of learning and endless possibilities."

"Under the astute leadership of Rohini Rustogi, the school’s operating standards are no less than excellent. From the communication to parents to the solid and well-organized curriculum, my husband and I know what to expect from Brandon Montessori. Not only is a parent’s involvement welcomed and encouraged, events throughout the year provide an opportunity for parents to experience the pleasures of their child’s learning and connect among one another. For working parents, the after school program serves as a safe and engaging environment for their child."

"The staff at Brandon Montessori truly exemplifies high standards of excellence as well. The staff members are endearing and provide a respectable balance between nurturing and structure. Warm hugs and praises are abundant. Their guidance through one-on-one and group learning provides the children with skills essential to their overall development. My son is thriving by being a creative problem-solver, taking initiative, being kind and helpful to others, and above all, learning a foundation that will guide him in the years to come."

"The Mission and Core Values of which the Montessori learning is based are demonstrated on a daily basis both in and out of the classroom. Brandon Montessori’s Vision is to be the premier early childhood education program in the Tampa Bay area and I have no doubt that this Vision is on its way to being realized."

Susan S. Barnish 
Lithia, FL


"Ryan went straight from being at home at 1 year, 10 months, to Montessori. Now at 4 years, he can spell his name, knows continents, his alphabet, geometric shapes, and how to count to 100. He also loves the computer. The only children I have ever known in the past with such skills at a young age were Montessori trained. I say trained because Ryan loves to learn and do his work. As a prior Director of Benefits, I investigated many preschools. I am thrilled that The Brandon Montessori is opening! The building is beautiful and having Rohini as the Director is a dream come true!"

Ann Shepard
Plant City

"Thank you for a great school year and summer camp. Starting school at  just 3 years old last year, our daughter was really nervous, but  everyone at the school, the teachers and the staff, went above and  beyond to be kind and accommodating. Now she's very confident at  school and actually pleaded with us to go five days a week instead of  just two. With everything she's learned, and all the friends she's  made, sending her five days a week was an easy decision. We're  looking forward to another great school year and to sending our  younger daughter when she's old enough. Thank you!"

Eric and Erika Brosch 
Brandon, FL


"Our son, Kyle, is in the midst of his second year at the Brandon Montessori (BMS). The school has challenged him in every way possible. His overall confidence level seems to be endless now. His social skills, behavior, and academic progress have far exceeded our expectations. I attribute this all to the Montessori philosophy and the staff at the BMS. Kyle speaks of the staff as if they were part of our extended family and home. We are excited that he will be continuing there thru Kindergarten and are looking forward to our (Soon-to-be-born), second son to start at BMS in a couple of years."

The Allen Family 
Fishhawk Ranch, Lithia


"I have two highly successful children both academically and socially. They are both team players and leaders. I can attribute much of their success to the Montessori experience they had beginning at three years old. They are self confident and adventuresome. Montessori education and philosophy support creativity, self-worth, curiosity and independence. As an educator these characteristics are critical to success." 

Corinne B. Young, Ph.D.


"Brandon Montessori served our grandson in an exemplary manner in all respects. Our initial interest was for a more challenging preschool setting, academically. Not only was this realized but we believe that he progressed socially, emotionally, and most importantly, his behavior showed marked improvement. The entire staff at BMS is trained, qualified and caring. The school provides an excellent balance of fun, discipline, and academics. I am proud to recommend Brandon Montessori without reservation." 

John R. Owens
General Director, School Board of Hillsborough County (Retired)